Kakasana (Crow) Variations and/ Bakasana (Crane)

  1. Bal Kakasana/Baby crow: This is 1 of the simpler arm balances we can try in the beginning. For this 1, start on Forearm tabletop, then knees off and walk forward and nestle knees onto the triceps as high as possible. Then shift the weight forward, if you feel your toes getting lighter, lift 1 foot off and then maybe the other one.
  2. Kakasana/Crow: For Kakasana, start in Malasana, then place palms down and lift the hips up and walk feet forward. Then place knees on triceps and shift weight forward. Toes may or may not come off in the beginning. Try with no expectations 😀
  3. Bakasana/Crane: This is the straight arm version. Only if we are able to come into Kakasana easily then try the Bakasana next. Similar set up but don’t bend the arms, bring knees as close to armpits as possible.
  4. Eka Pada Kakasana/1-leg crow: From Kakasana, take 1 knee off from tricep & bring it to centre, stay here ir extend the leg back if you feel stable.
    Always remember that we may or may not be able to do a pose. It’s just the attempt and the fact that we are getting physically and mentally strong that matters each time we try.
    Namaste 🙏

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