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About Deepti

For some, Yoga is a means to a pill-free life while for others it is time to connect with their inner self. For yet others like Deepti Shetty, it is life itself.

Deepti, as she is popularly known in the Yoga circuit of Singapore, is a Yoga coach based out of Central Singapore, and has been practicing Yoga for more than 20 years.

Tristhana Yoga

Tristhana Yoga, based across Singapore, was founded by Deepti in the year 2013.

Tristhana essentially means three points of attention while practicing Yoga. These include

  1. Posture alignment
  2. Breath; and
  3. Drishti or point of focus

Any practitioner can reap complete benefits of Yoga if these three elements of life are in harmony with one another. In short, Tristhana is a means to achieving the ultimate presence of mind, focus, and stability that brings eternal bliss in one’s life.

With this guiding philosophy, Deepti started Tristhana Yoga Classes to benefit bliss seekers of all ages and gender across Singapore.

Deepti with Kino after she attended her Ashtanga lessons in SG in Jan 2017

It Runs in the Family!

What started, at the age if six, as a playful act of aping her mother, an accomplished Yoga practitioner in Mumbai, India, during her daily Yoga sessions, grew into a habit and soon became an inseparable part of Deepti’s life.

For the Love of Yoga

The love for Yoga only grew stronger with each passing day. It reached its zenith in 2013 when Deepti quit her corporate job to conduct full-time Yoga classes in Singapore.

From Private Classes to Corporate Sessions

The first class that Deepti conducted, in 2013, was in a squash court for two students. Her approach to Yoga and her pedagogy received attention from individuals and the corporate.

In no time, Deepti’s simplified approach to Yoga earned her accolades from her students and she now conducts more than 600 hours of Yoga classes in Singapore each year.

With more than seven years of experience in coaching adults, kids, groups, families, and corporate professionals, Deepti has helped numerous Yoga enthusiasts realize the physical and mindfulness benefits of this ancient science.

Most of her students practice Yoga and cherish its benefits till this day. Some of them have dedicated their life towards spreading the light further, as certified Yoga coaches.

Helping Corporate Professionals Achieve their Full Potential the Yoga Way

Deepti’s Yoga classes have been received with great enthusiasm among working professionals of Singapore.

During the corporate classes, Deepti has successfully brought their focus back to their mental and physical well-being, an aspect that otherwise takes a backseat in their busy schedule.

The sessions have helped them perform better as team players, and improve personal relationships.

Iqvia, Interpol, Quintiles, WWRC, Sentosa, and Mount Elizabeth Hospital are some of the corporate clients that Deepti consults.

Achieving Ananda through Yoga

Unlike contemporary fitness methods which focus on competitive training of individuals, Deepti believes in creating a non-competitive space for her students.

Her approach allows individuals to leverage on their strengths and work upon their weaknesses, and ultimately find the mind-body balance for complete well-being – a state of Ananda, which means inner peace and calm.

Disciplines of Yoga and Certifications

Deepti believes in continual learning for self-improvement, and for evolving better training methodologies for her Yoga students.

She is a 500 hr YTT Certified and Yoga Alliance Registered teacher and Pilates instructor. She is also a certified Yin Yoga Teacher.

Tristhana Yoga Classes near You

Newton, Orchard, Novena, and Bukit Timah are some of the locations in Singapore where Tristhana has a strong presence with Deepti regularly visiting locations across the SG as on need basis.

You can write to Deepti at librandips@gmail.com for a one-to-one, group, family, kids’ or corporate Yoga session and experience the life-changing power of Tristhana Yoga.

Or you can contact me via Social Media: