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Deepti is a wonderful and patient yoga teacher to my two children, aged 8 and 10. They have been learning yoga with Deepti since a year and I have seen a marked difference in the flexibility of their body and focus of mind.
She makes yoga fun yet intense.
I would highly recommend Deepti as a yoga teacher.
Anjali Moorjani, Singapore (Kids yoga)
We first met Deepti in May 2015, she was the instructor for the yoga sessions organized by our Social Committee.
One year on, together with a few yoga enthusiasts, my colleagues and I continue to practice yoga with Deepti. Her dedication has helped us enjoy yoga as a form of our weekly exercise and relaxation of mind, body and soul.
Classes with Deepti are fun and inspiring, she constantly motivates us to refine the poses and take long deep breaths…
Michelle seah, Quintiles Transnational, Inc.(Corporate yoga)
Deepti not only wears fancy yoga pants but is very kind and sympathetic in nature. She has a very positive attitude and a contageous smile. During the last 4 months she has tought me a lot and I’m constantly improving. She focuses exactly on my needs and corrects me whenever necessary. After yoga I feel relaxed and energized for the rest of the day.
Monika Blattmann, Singapore ( Body With Soul private student)
I was drawn to Deepti’s profile among an online repertoire of 50 yoga instructors. I required a teacher who would be able to instruct me in pranayama as well as the asanas. As Deepti also teaches Kids Yoga, she was the best instructor for me as I required someone patient and able to explain concepts simply! I truly look forward to my yoga sessions, because Deepti brings a joyful and bright energy to the experience of yoga which I feel can be a difficult process in itself. I have recommended Deepti to friends who have had glowing accounts of their continued practise with her. Deepti’s love for yoga which drives her to live it and acquire new knowledge on all its aspects; also her wonderful personality, have been important motivation for me to continue my learning for the past months, and I do hope to continue learning with her for much longer.
Ally Khoo, Singapore (Private yoga student)
I have loved learning from Deepti and only regret that I found her towards the end of my time in Singapore. I have been practising yoga for a number of years and have found Deepti’s insights and careful adjustments so helpful. Deepti has a wonderful calm energy and creates such a positive, safe and nurturing environment to practise in; I look forward to our classes and the learning I take away with me.
Jane Massey, Singapore (Body With Soul group class student)
Deepti has been my friend for many years but when she teaches yoga she forgets any such obligations. She teaches with great dedication, adjusting the level based on the your capabilities and pushing you just the right amount to ensure to benefit out of the session.
Shruti Singh, Singapore (Friend and private yoga student)
I have been doing a Matwork Pilates group class with Deepti for the last 3 years. She’s a very diligent instructor who pays personal attention to different students of different levels of expertise. She clearly spends time before the class preparing extensively for each class, as the classes are designed to give a superb fully body workout, without being repetitive ever. She has a clear voice and gives detailed instructions that can be heard across the room. She’s always available after the class to solve any doubts of the participants. Highly recommend her for Pilates and Yoga. She brings great positive energy and enthusiasm to each class as well, which helps get the group momentum going.
Anuj Girotra, Pilates at Keppel Club
My husband and I have been taking Deepti’s Yoga and Pilates classes for more than 15 months and it has surely been a great time for us to do some exercise and stretch our body. Deepti has always been a wonderful instructor, as she’s able to adjust the difficulty of the class according to our levels, giving us options so that the class has never been too easy nor too difficult. We especially recommend her to people who have none or very little experience of Yoga, as she would take you through from the very first step, which you will always find is a pleasant and fun experience.
Noami and Kazuhiko, from Japan, currently living in SG, Park Infinia group yoga and Pilates classes
I have been practicing yoga and Pilates with Deepti for over a year.  it’s a pleasant experience. Deepti leads me to enjoy these exercises with pushing us to the right level.  She has very clear instructions about the pose and good control of the pace. I feel every session goes by quickly and derive a lot of enjoyment from the exercises.
Qiannan, from China (presently staying in Singapore, Infinia group yoga and Pilates classes)
I have been practicing Yoga and Pilates with Deepti close to 2 years. I had tried both before but had never stuck to either. But from the first class with Deepti I knew I finally started to understand what it’s all about. She clearly introduced and explained poses, she showed progression, while constantly paying attention to everyone in the class. As a beginner I had lots of questions, but she always prompted them by explaining what we should focused on. Deepti is really mindful and aware of different students abilities and though she usually explains progression she stresses out that we should do only what we feel our body can do with correct form and alignment. Doing all above she still have the ability to push and challenge you a bit more every class 🙂 so you can really feel the result. She is very thorough and always seems to know what students need. I always feel so much better after I done class with Deepti not only physically but also emotionally.
Viktoriya Peries, from Sydney, Australia. (Currently living in Singapore, learning Yoga with Deepti at Evolve MMA and Pilates at Keppel Club)
Our family has been taking yoga classes with Deepti for more than a year. She is always punctual and her classes are structured and very fun.  She is knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and pushes each of us to do our best despite our differing levels of flexibility and strength.  Her instructions are clear and she is able to tailor her teachings to each family member. She accurately identifies our areas of weakness and gives effective suggestions to help us improve.  Deepti is warm, kind and has a cheerful disposition. She brings a breath of fresh air to every lesson and her classes are full of energy and passion. Deepti is an inspiring yoga instructor; we enjoy and greatly benefit from her classes.
Florence, Stephen, Siobhan, Chloe and Sylvester, (Singapore, Private family yoga for 5)
I first joined Deepti’s Pilates class about 2 years ago. I used to travel a lot every month for my business and as a result had a lot of back pain, I was not even able to lift my luggage without my back giving way. After my 1st session with her my back pain fully dissapeared for next 10 days of travelling. Additional bonus of attending her lessons is that my body has toned up, posture has improved and I have grew taller by 4 cm because of the lenghthening of my spine. My wrist has become stronger as well. I had quite serious low bp issue because of which I could not take a forward bend without feeling giddy, but all that has dissapeared as well. I recommend Deepti’s lessons for back strengthening, body toning and overall fitness and good health.
Hoong Wai See, (Singapore, Pilates at Keppel Club)
The best yoga instructor I ever had! She knows exactly what I need for my body and always arranges new exercise so every time I learn new things. I cannot miss her lesson or else my body doesn’t feel the same!
Mariko, (Corals by the Bay group class)